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About Autohalle24 GmbH

Autohalle GmbH was founded in November 2017. Our main business involves selling used auto spare parts on internet platforms, primarily on You can access our eBay shop via the link Currently, we focus on Mercedes Benz and Chrysler spare parts. Our business location is in Dinslaken, North Rhine-Westphalia. My name is Murat Al, and I am the former CEO of Autohalle24 GmbH. I have concluded my role as CEO, and my current mission is to continue with this project. We aim to simplify the auto parts industry for everyone, making it easy for any private individual to find the right spare part for their vehicle quickly and effortlessly.

More information about this is provided in 'Our Mission' below.


Throughout the entire time, we have observed that there are challenges in finding the exact right part for a specific vehicle. The platform is a step towards solving this problem. Here, you can search and find the desired spare part using your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Why is it important to be able to search with the VIN? It is crucial because each vehicle has its own VIN. By searching with this VIN, you can access the specific assemblies where the spare parts installed in that particular vehicle are displayed. Autohalle24 GmbH has taken the first step and created the possibility for anyone to browse the original parts catalogs of multiple manufacturers. However, this is not the end of our mission.

The information coming next will be of greater interest to auto parts dealers or dismantling companies. We plan to create a marketplace for auto spare parts alongside the parts catalog service on in the future. It will take only a few seconds to capture a spare part and publish it on multiple sales platforms. Parts dealers will have the opportunity to manage all their processes on an online-based platform. Selling on multiple platforms will be made as simple as possible. Of course, there will also be a function to manage inventory, including warehouse spaces, label printing, scanner functionality, etc.

Every parts dealer is familiar with the problem of the vehicle application list. How do I create such a list? Where do I get the information on 'which other vehicles does my part fit'? You won't have to worry about these things in the future because all these functions are in the planning stage.

So, see you soon.

Your Autohalle24 Team